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Val Aitken

A celebration, a joy of using colour through the medium of fabric and stitch as an art form is the raison d’etre for my work. Being a serious gardener, it is inevitable that this will influence my textiles. Colour, plant forms, stem structures, leaves and the fibrous nature of decay are portrayed in my work, through the vibrancy of colour and use of line. It is an interest in the juxtaposition of graphic and organic elements that lead to design compositions. Once the design principles have been decided upon, I work spontaneously with fabric and thread, within this framework, changing and adapting as the textile piece evolves. Techniques are selected to achieve specific desired effects. These range from printing, to crisp piecing or applique with the addition of “free bonding”. Hand stitching, in some form of straight stitch is used as a mark maker, while machining adds a strong line element.

I use fabric and stitch to capture images, and to define the essence of a subject in a slightly abstract way. I have an interest in minimalism and the clarity and intensity this can bring to work. Developing the idea of “less is more” is an area I would like to follow within my artistic practice.


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