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Buffy Fieldhouse

I have had a lifelong interest in working with textiles and threads even though I pursued a career as a planner and urban designer.  Eventually the time and opportunity to work towards and gain a City & Guilds Diploma in Embroidery was available.  Additional courses have since widened my fields of work with much time now spent on design interpretations (from my original sources) in paper lamination, silk paper, felt and unique backgrounds created through dyeing, discharging and/or printing fabrics on which to embroider.

I was brought up near the sea and my work is strongly influenced by the clarity of light found in that area which, with tidal flows, provides an ever-changing landscape.  The inspiration for ‘Shore Visions’ is St Ives Bay where the Hayle estuary enters the sea by a wide expanse of sand over which the tide gallops obliterating all the earlier tracks.  In the early morning the plane of water is often reflective but can, with the vagaries of the weather, provide a choppy landscape where each ripple in the water catches the sunlight in a different way giving a magical landscape that is enjoyed by just a few.  Shore Visions is based on paper laminations of my photographs taken in the early morning light on an incoming tide where each ripple, sand ridge and footprint reflects the colour of the rising sun.

The weather strongly influences the light and the state of the water.  The influence of the weather informs my current work in which I have interpreted the vagaries of the weather in a series of paper laminations based on my photographs at different times of the day and year.

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