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Gill Davies

As a child I saw making as what people did. A father who designed for a living, repaired and made as much as he could; mother, aunt and grandmothers who stitched and cooked.  Small wonder that I grew up able to use my hands.


As my interest in textiles increased and, despite a full-time, near forty year long, career teaching English, I embarked on a number of embroidery courses, encouraged by several of my teaching colleagues. Eventually, a City and Guilds in Design and Embroidery beckoned and the opportunity to experiment still further became possible. My head was full of techniques, rather like a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved. Retirement has provided some opportunity to take my interest to another level; the jigsaw begins to take shape!


My work is frequently inspired by ordinary objects or natural forms. I enjoy discovering ways to make marks on fabric (or paper) sometimes using the objects as printing blocks in their own right or using their shapes to make mono-prints. I often work with a limited palette, interpreting the form of my subject before developing the image further. Naturally, I am drawn to hand stitch and my printed designs are embellished with this.

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