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Elisabeth Rutt MSDC

I am an artist working with textiles. I started stitching when I was four making rag dolls and the ubiquitous cross stitch mats on Binca even weave fabric for family and friends!

My father was a professional artist and illustrator, so I grew up surrounded by art activity and materials. At school I took every creative opportunity and exam that the curriculum would allow and went on to complete my Honours degree in fine art and dance at University of London, Goldsmiths College. Since University I have worked in Commercial retail management, as an interior designer, and managed an Arts Council funded gallery.  I am a freelance textile tutor and mentor with a particular interest in design.

I work from my home studio in Suffolk making work for exhibitions and to commission. The driving force in my work is form and colour, what I can make them do and what they will do for me in return. My preoccupation is stitch, I keep it simple and do not do anything too technical as I want the piece to speak for itself and the technique to be secondary.

Recent work has been about the patterns I see in the British Landscape and geology, using felt making techniques, hand stitch and screen print.

I am a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.


Twitter: @ruthelisa

Facebook: Rutt Stitched Textiles

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