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Janet Pullen

I have enjoyed needlework for a long time, and early stitch practices equipped me with a vocabulary and experience of hand-stitching. The notion of ‘creative embroidery’ was a significant revelation and eventually I was in the position to complete City & Guilds Embroidery.  Other courses and various workshops have introduced me to a wide range of techniques, ideas and design approaches.


Recently I completed an MA Textiles course which I undertook to help me develop and focus my textiles practice;  I welcomed the opportunity of a more in-depth study of the craft to explore why I am drawn to textiles, and in particular the needle, thread and fabric as the creative medium for expressing ideas.

Works by some 20th century abstract artists attract me. I like the shapes, lines and spatial connections in their artwork and I try to incorporate some of these ideas into my own. I am interested in reflecting shapes, identified in various sources of inspiration and images, by piecing of fabrics and enhancing some areas and lines with hand-stitching.  I particularly enjoy working with linen and other natural fabrics and threads.

I value the opportunity of belonging to an exhibiting group for challenge and support, sharing of ideas, widening my experience and helping to develop my own practice.

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